ITT Design Services

Integrated System Specialists will assist our clients with developing detailed network specifications and implementation tactics necessary to achieve their business objectives. Our consultants produce engineered documentation for the physical, logical, and operational network infrastructures. In producing these design deliverables, we consider how the new technology will integrate into existing hardware and software and how it will be managed going forward.

Expertise in design and optimization of IPX/SPX and TCP/IP networks, and are proficient in both legacy and emerging networking disciplines. Our WAN expertise includes most commercial transport technologies, routing protocols, and commonly used network protocols. We also have extensive network design and implementation experience with high-performance LANs.

  • Network design, architecture and planning
  • Local/Wide Area Networks - Voice-over-IP
  • Wireless Intra-Building, Intra-Campus Links
  • Wireless network installation and management
  • Network technology implementation and installation
  • Staff augmentation and outsourcing
  • Remote network manage, monitor and maintenance
  • Systems Consulting